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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Unfamiliar Doors

When you're forced out of your comfort zone into an unfamiliar place, it's scary.  It's scary because you are looking at people and things that you have no connection to and everything you know seems irrelevant because of where you are.  At this point, you can't see purpose, you don't know why you're there, and you're feeling lost and stuck.

Finding myself in this place was a frightening experience. I couldn't understand why God allowed what I was comfortable with to be snatched away.  At first I thought I was being punished or I did something wrong.  I just couldn't understand it.  Now, I'm beginning to understand that in order to get my life to the next level, I had to be forced from stage 1 to stage 2.  I couldn't maximize my full potential at stage 1 because I had already mastered that level.  It was time to move on and my flesh didn't want to go through that process.  See when you're starting a new level in life, you have to figure out how to maneuver through the ups and downs, the road blocks, the detour signs, the potholes and even the road workers who have been assigned to distract you.  You have to die a few times before you learn where not to step, who not to trust and what not to do.  So, starting a new level can be painful but it's necessary.

Don't make a permanent decision in a temporary situation.  Just because it doesn't look like what you saw in stage 1 doesn't mean it's not part of the plan.  The doors that God will open will be unfamiliar doors.  They won't be shaped the same, won't have the same color and some may not even look like a door.  Ultimately, you're going to have to change the way you think because stage 2 will require you to think outside of the box.  This stage will require collaboration and partnerships.  You will meet people who don't look like you, sound like you or even dress like you.  Your job is to recognize when God is sending a divine connection into your life.  Nothing happens the way we think it should because our minds are so finite.  We can only think so far ahead, but God has already set the stage, organized the event and put the plan in place.  It's not your responsibility to know "how" - "why"  or "when",  you just need to be ready when the door opens. 

This is the season of unfamiliar doors.  Stop looking for what you saw yesterday, today is a NEW day.  SHIFT your mindset, SHIFT your thinking, SHIFT your relationships, and prepare to walk through UNFAMILIAR DOORS!

Live Life Now,

The Purpose Coach


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  2. Powerful word! Recognizing what stage you are in to get to the next level...Got it!