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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's Half-Time Now!

The game of life brings challenges, ups & downs, pain and frustration.  Unfortunately, most of us never experience the other side of life.  This side brings love, joy, peace, happiness, balance, contentment, satisfaction and an appreciation for LIFE itself.

I'm just realizing that during the first half of my life I focused on the challenges more than the contentment.  I spent to much time trying to prove myself to people who really could care less.  It's almost like sitting on the bench during the game and watching everyone else score points and get rebounds while you only dream about what you could do, if only you were given a chance.  Wow...to sit on the bench in your own game of life simply means that you're allowing someone else to run the plays, call the shots and determine who the players will be, in your own life.  But now, the clock is winding down... 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 bzzzzzzz, IT'S HALF-TIME! 

We all know that half-time is when the players go to the locker-room, regroup, assess the first-half, see what worked and what didn't and make the adjustments. Half-Time is the team's opportunity to find a way to win, because it's there LAST CHANCE!  It's all about making the adjustment.  I'm now at half-time in my life, gearing up for the 2nd half of the game.  I've changed strategies, players and coaches.  I'm calling the plays now and no ball hogs are allowed on my team.  There are three important people on my team: the point-guard, center and power-forward.  I have the Holy Ghost at Point-Guard, God at Center and Jesus at Power-Forward.  My husband and I are the other two players and we're just going to follow the lead of the Point-Guard.  I'm no longer listening to the side-line coaches who always know what's best for your life, but their lives are jacked-up.  I'm no longer listening to teammates who only want to use you, to make them look good or achieve their goals.  I'm no longer listening to the fans who only cheer when you score, but talk about you like a dog when throw the ball away, foul or get called for a 3-second violation just because you were trying to make sure you heard God before you moved.  This part of my life is called  OVER!  It's time to make some ADJUSTMENTS.

This second half is MY half.  I'm not going to be convinced that God doesn't want my family blessed.  I'm not going to be convinced that just because it's not what you want, it's not what God wants.  I'm not going to be convinced that I've done something wrong so that's why I'm not experiencing the fullness of God.  I'm not going to be convinced that there is a difference between my agenda and God's agenda, for my life.  We're on the same team.  I've relinquished control to the THREE dominating factors in my life.  I have a relationship with my new teammates and I can hear clearly when a play is called.  So, the scrimmage is over and it's time for the real game to start.  I'm suited-up and ready to go.  No Distractions Allowed!

Everything that I did in the first-half just because it was a good thing to do, will not be repeated in the second-half.  If the Holy Ghost don't call the play, no play will be ran.  I'm not hanging out after the games or attending any house parties.  I'm not spending my time dealing with the issues of my opponents while my life deteriorate minute by minute.  I understand now that if I don't keep my eyes on the ball, the enemy can come in and steal it.  If I don't protect my "purpose" my "dream" my "destiny", the enemy will sneak-up behind me and steal it.  My eyes are fixed and my mind is made -up.  This half will be the best half and I'm coming out with a Win!

I almost get upset when I think about the time and energy that I wasted on people who could care less about me as a person.  They were only concerned with what I could do for them.  But I thank God for his wisdom and an ear to hear.  Don't be fooled, know when you're out of the game and only being called in when they need you to take a charge, commit a foul or just give the other person a lil rest. Ain't no way in heck I'm going to be a sub in my own game. The devil must be on crack.  Don't confuse being USED with being SIGNIFICANT, I did it for years and it's yielded me NOTHING but several trips to the doctor.  TODAY, it's over!  I have nothing else left to give.

If you're ready to experience the other side of life, you must change some plays and some players.  I'm determined to make it to the FINALS.  This Championship belongs to ME!

The whistle is being blown.  Let's come out ready to play hard, stay focused and RUN THE PLAY! Victory on the count of three, 1 -2 -3 VICTORY!

The Purpose Coach

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kick it in Gear!

Sometimes you know what to do, but just don't feel like doing it.  Other times you don't know what to do and don't feel like trying to find out.  There are days like that when you just want to sit and do nothing.  When you're frustrated and tired of trying to figure it or make it work, it's easy to slip into the "I don't care anymore" mode and shut down.  One thing that I've learned is that life don't stop just because I decide to stop. Tomorrow comes and find you in the same place with the same issues and still needing something to break in your life.

So, what do you do?  Well, like today, I realized that I needed to get my butt up and Kick it in Gear!  I don't have time to have a pity-party, mope around like it's the end and not make every effort to do what I know to do, until God tells me what to do.  Things aren't going exactly like I want them to go but at the end of the day, I still have to do what I gotta do.  Purpose don't die because circumstances change.  Purpose expects you to change your circumstances so it can be manifested in your life.  When you understand that you have the power to command your day, speak to every mountain in your life, cast out every demon and declare victory in your life, you'll kick it gear.  My bible says faith without works is dead.  Now, I'm not sure if yours say the same, but that's what mine says.  If that's true and I believe it is, then I have to get up and do something, while I'm waiting on my faith to manifest results.  The deal is this... your faith just fuels the flame of the fire and passion in you to become everything that God has pre-destined for you to become.  So, when you couple your faith to believe with your will to achieve then you'll activate that faith by acting on your will to achieve.  Achievements only come through doing something.  I've never seen anyone achieve anything without first doing something. 

So today I really wrote this so I could talk to myself and get my butt up and activate my faith.  There's no time to waddle in self-pity, it's time to make something happen!  So, if I have to get up, you do too.  Get up off that couch, get up out of that "I don't care attitude", get up out of that defeated mindset, get up out of that needy mentality, Kick it in Gear and let's get something done today!

Regardless of your yesterday, today is another day.  If yesterday wasn't a good day, you decide to make sure today is a better day.  You're in control of your thoughts, your emotions and your attitude.  Don't let nothing move you out of your "faith zone".  Remove distractions and set-out on your journey to fulfill purpose.  If not now, when? 

Live LIFE Now!

The Purpose Coach

Monday, August 29, 2011

Re-Invent Yourself

I woke up this morning with an urgency in my spirit for something new.  It all started yesterday as I was watching this movie after church.  The young lady in the movie was the only one out of 4 friends who felt as though she hadn't accomplished anything and her life was meaningless.  In a sorrowful moment of feeling sorry for herself, she and her husband came up with a great idea.  The idea was to start a blog about something she really enjoyed, which was cooking.  She set out on a journey to blog for 365 days about cooking different recipes, from Julia Child's cookbook. 

Well, I said all of that to say, sometimes you have to hit the "re-start" button of your life and try something new.  When life circumstances change and your dreams to seem to have hit rock bottom, re-invent yourself!  Go into a reflection moment and identify those things that really bring out the best in you.  Pinpoint those key things that always re-ignite your passion and cause you to get excited about who you are and the gifts you possess.  There is more, there is something else, there is more to you, more in you and that "more" is what's going to SHIFT your life from AVERAGE to AWESOME!  That "more" will SHIFT your POTENTIAL to PURPOSE and cause you to experience a place of satisfaction, contentment and peace within yourself.  

As I sat and pondered and assessed my gifts, talents and abilities, it all came back to one thing: Empowering People.  Even when I'm feeling frustrated and it seems like the walls are closing in all around me, I always find myself still trying to push, motivate and inspire somebody else.  Not because I'm full of myself, but because I know that's my purpose in life.  I know that's the gift that God has blessed me with and I can't sit down, stop or give-up because I'm facing challenges.  Through it all I'm learning that I can cry and still get up, wipe the tears from eyes and speak a word of encouragement to somebody else.  The moment can't and won't cause me to lose sight of where I'm going, even though it sometimes brings me to a hault and stops me in my tracks, but only for a moment!

I can't blog about cooking, sewing, singing, technology or stocks, but I can tell a story that can change your thought paradigm and empower you to SHIFT into your divine purpose.  I can ignite a passion for success, a passion for significance and a passion to see your dreams come to fruition.  I may not be on an 8-5pm anymore, but that doesn't mean my purpose was laid-off.  That doesn't mean my dreams were laid-off.  That doesn't mean my heart for people was laid-off.  That simply means that God created an opportunity for me to be able to empower you, to Live LIFE Now!

As a published author, writer, inspirational & motivational speaker, I've learned that my pain and life trials have always been to teach me so I can inturn teach others, how to overcome obstacles and find purpose in their pain.  You only have one life to live.  Don't live it miserable, always searching for something but never realizing that what you're searching for is on the inside of you.  Everything that you need for success is in you.  It's now time to Re-Up, reinvent yourself and reposition yourself for success.  Dreams come to pass by writing and working the vision.  Stop talking about it and "BE" about it.  There are two types of people in this world, those who wait for things to happen and those who make things happen.  Which one are you?

Empowered for Purpose,

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